Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lady Banks rose, at rest.

When I started my garden (jungle) 18 years ago the yard was pretty much lawn (dying in the shade) and a few big trees. I hate lawns, so when a patch of grass died I would put down a paver, a stone, a container, a trellis, an arch, or a plant. One of the first plants I put in was a Lady Banks rose. This rose is a climber and it does that aggressively. It is mostly thornless and blooms but once a year, in the Spring. It's wonder is that it lives happily, entwined in other plants. It doesn't shade them out and it stands partial shade with vigor. I sort of lost  track of it as other, newer plants went in around it. Every now and then, in full Summer, I'd run into one of it's branches, hanging in my face and trim it to above my head.

Two years ago, in the Spring, I noticed that fully half of the backyard was covered with Lady Banks' tiny yellow blooms. This reveals a small part of the lattice the one little plant has become in 18 years. Patience is a virtue.


  1. I like your approach to gardening.

  2. Wait 'til you see the picture I'll take in the Spring! A roof of yellow.