Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mail box, Roscoe Blvd., South

This has just appeared, four boxes down from from two other free-form boxes. We have a colony starting.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Where Solano meets Roscoe

There is a large curve in Solano road during which it becomes Roscoe Boulevard. These trees border the north side of the road and have a lovely salt marsh on the other side.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fence, Roscoe

This fence was one I photographed a month ago, covered in dead vines. When I passed by an hour later the vines were gone. Last week I liked the light and took these two pictures. Today the fence is gone. I'm going to stop doing portraits if this keeps up.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Go Slow, Off Solano.

These little guys are on both sides of the street in this small development. I just don't see them doing much good, it's about a 5 house development.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spanish moss on Lady Banks rose

This is some lovely fresh moss on the larger branch of my Lady Banks rose (see post below). The rose branch is exfoliating to a rich red bark.

Lady Banks rose, at rest.

When I started my garden (jungle) 18 years ago the yard was pretty much lawn (dying in the shade) and a few big trees. I hate lawns, so when a patch of grass died I would put down a paver, a stone, a container, a trellis, an arch, or a plant. One of the first plants I put in was a Lady Banks rose. This rose is a climber and it does that aggressively. It is mostly thornless and blooms but once a year, in the Spring. It's wonder is that it lives happily, entwined in other plants. It doesn't shade them out and it stands partial shade with vigor. I sort of lost  track of it as other, newer plants went in around it. Every now and then, in full Summer, I'd run into one of it's branches, hanging in my face and trim it to above my head.

Two years ago, in the Spring, I noticed that fully half of the backyard was covered with Lady Banks' tiny yellow blooms. This reveals a small part of the lattice the one little plant has become in 18 years. Patience is a virtue.

Lucky fence, Roscoe

I have photographed this fence for the last 2 years. In summer it is covered with thick vines and in winter the leaves fall revealing the fence. I have been waiting for a perfect (in my head) balance of rampant vine and organized fence. This is it. the gate of the fence was open the day I took it, on the way to the grocery. On the way back it had all been cleared and it was just a fence. Thus the lucky.

Red berries, Roscoe

Those of you who follow my blogs know that I have a thing for red berries or berry-like objects. These are just down the road from me.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The last cayennes, garden, Roscoe

Now I must wait 'til Spring for my own peppers. Sigh.

Exfoliating palm frond, Roscoe.

Usually you see palm fronds a solid green on the tree or a papery brown on the ground. I have never noticed one in the process of changing.

Last of the Fall colors, Roscoe

Eat your hearts out New England. You don't see displays like this up there.

Palm fronds, Roscoe

Being as this blog is about Roscoe, I have started parking on the side of the road and walking to look at a larger area than I usually cover. There is something interesting everywhere I stop.

It's complicated 1 Palm Bole, Roscoe

A new theme to work on for the new year. I spend a lot of time photographing nature. I usually try to isolate a graceful shape of pattern. But nature is chaos, everything trying to get to light or food. I have been having fun lately photographing the wonderful organized confusion. This is shot one in the "It's Complicated" series.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Two mailboxes, Roscoe Blvd.

 These two mailboxes are within 4 houses of each other on South Roscoe. I guess creative people tend to flock together.