Thursday, December 8, 2011

The weeds are winning!

This little lot is, technically, on Solano Road. Solano turns into Roscoe at a corner so I'm calling it Roscoe.

This little lot is a puzzle to me. At the height of the real estate bubble, some bright light bought this little plot of land, across from the Winn-Dixie shopping center. Soon a magnificent sign went up announcing a future condo building. Three or four stories tall and with a wonderful view of a strip mall in front or scraggly woods on the other three sides. The sign slowly faded. Then machinery showed up and dug a beautiful retention pond (these are necessary here to keep the rest of the lot dry enough to build on) and put in a slab.

The next thing put on the land was a for sale sign. Since then the plot has changed hands a few times and there have been some more promotional signs. The real estate bubble burst and the land has lain fallow ever since. My favorite weed, the dog-sorrel, has taken over and the latest sign is slowly disappearing.

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