Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weeds, Roscoe extension

Ah the wages of pleasure. Our month in Provence cost me the chance to shoot these weeds as they go from lush green fronded giants (for weeds, they're 4 1/2 feet tall) to leafless branches with the greenest seed pods to what I've shot here, the last week or so before the seeds go to the ground or into a bird. I'm not that sorry, we did go to Provence, after all.

These were shot in one of two or three places around here that were cleared for a building project just before the economy tanked.  A cleared field is weed heaven. The toughest sun lovers come first and the larger shade throwers slowly crowd them out. I love these spots and try to look at them once a week or so to see changes.


  1. I am so used to see snow photos in these days that I took the first one for a snow photo, too ... until I reminded myself where you are living, of course.

  2. It's a very fine white sand, which is what you get in Florida if you dig down a few feet. We're basically a long peninsula of sand, covered with a crust of earth. Weeds love it.